Turn cube shelves into BOARD GAME SHELVES

Every game gets its own shelf! Slide games in and out with ease. No more wiggling games off the bottom of the stack.

Games stored flat = no mess

No more jumbled pieces from storing your games sideways. Drifting lids are a thing of the past when every game is stored flat.

Small upgrade, huge difference

Why settle for barebones shelves when a simple upgrade can turn your Kallax into the perfect board game shelf.

See it in action!

No wasted space


Each LAX RAX grip comes height slots that allow you to choose the space between each game.

Instant height adjustments

In addition to the regular holding slot, LAX RAX has two “instant height bumps”. Do you want to swap out a game on the shelf with one that is slightly taller or shorter? No problem!

Got heft?


Heavy Duty LAX RAX feature 8-12 rod LAX RAX setups, allowing you to store games up to 7kg!

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Revert anytime

Simply pop the rods out and go back to storing games regularly.

High-density wood

Unlike regular craft dowels that are made of cheap bamboo, our wood rods are made from stiff birch wood.

Handy organizer drawers

Snap-to-size plastic organizer inserts fit inside paperboard drawers for convenient bit storage.

The freedom of slide-iness

No more heaving heavy stacks of games to get the one off the bottom! Slide that baby right out!

Real Backer Testimonials


First off - your LAX RAX product is pretty awesome. I installed them in my Kallax and they completely did the job. Champion design.

Nicholas M.

Real Kickstarter Backer


Set up the whole LAX RAX in one night. Was very satisfying to measure and weigh my games for the most flexible and space efficient set up.

Leon H.

Real Kickstarter Backer


Holy cow I LOVE THIS LAX RAX!!! A few hiccups with initial installation, but man oh man does it look sharp!

William M.

Real Kickstarter Backer


I LOVE the system and find myself wanting to expand it a bit more.

Cutter R.

Real Kickstarter Backer

Record play data
Dry-erase Play Count Trackers

Keep track of how many times you play your games with these no-glue silicone trackers. Sticks to games purely with gravity - no glue, no problem!

Playmat Hero

Store up to 8 playmats with or without tubes! Simply screw this storage hanger into any shelf or book case. Adjustable straps make it the perfect accessory for any playmat collector.


The RAX EMPIRE pledge lets you fully deck out the 4x4 Kallax with 3 shelves per cube.

RAX LORD lets you deck out a 2x4 Kallax with 3 shelves per cube.

RAX DABBLER lets you deck out a 1x4 (horizontally) or 2x2 Kallax with 3 shelves per cube.

A regular LAX RAX shelf uses (at a minimum), 4 rods. A heavy-duty LAX RAX shelf uses 8 rods.

You can achieve the same weight rating as a heavy duty shelf using an 8-rod regular LAX RAX setup.

Although LAX RAX is designed for Kallax, it will work with any cubes that are up to 33.6cm wide (13.25"). If the width of your cubes is larger than that, then LAX RAX won't work with your shelves.

If the width is slightly smaller (i.e. Home & Garden Cube shelves that are about 33.4cm wide), you can place one side of the grips slightly further back in the cube shelves so that the LAX RAX rods fit (making a slight diagonal placement, but this won't be very noticeable).

The drawers are 31x35x5cm - This means they have an approximate depth of 4.8cm, which covers most pocket game sizes. The drawer is also open top which means technically they can accommodate any height of game/bits/goodies/things. The each have a silver or black nylon material pull loop.

On the dividers - the dividers are those white boney looking things you see in the GIFs in the campaign page, they are approximately 35-40cm long and you get 6 of them - this would be enough to create (at a maximum) a 4x4 grid of storage holes. However, we know games come many sizes so you can snap portions of the dividers off to create smaller storage sections. Each of the 6 divider strips have "teeth" on one side, so you can slot them into each other. Please see the GIFs on the campaign page for an example of said slotting. Each of these "teeth" are 8mm wide, followed by a 2mm gap, followed by an 8mm tooth and so on.

Orders lock and products ship within 1-2 days.